Dear Parent


You will be aware that we consulted pupils, parents and staff last term on reviewing the approach to school uniform. As a result of this consultation, the school’s uniform expectations will change with effect from August 2016. It is as follows:

  • White shirt
  • Tie (dark blue version for S1-S3; light blue version for S4-S6)
  • Black v-neck jumper (plain and without logos)
  • Black trousers/skirt
  • Black headcoverings (where worn)
  • Black shoes
  • Blue blazer (for prefects in S6)

This new approach will be more uniform, in that the expectations for all year groups will be more or less the same, as well as less financially demanding on parents. With the exception of the school tie, which is available from Max Yarns, 110 Duke Street and, in smaller quantities, from the school office, parents will be able to purchase all other items of clothing from whichever outlet they wish, so long as they conform to the expectations.

Please do not buy grey jumpers for wearing at school. Quite apart from its not being a school colour, the consultation which asked about the possibility of grey, showed less support than for black. Shoes should be essentially all black so as to avoid pointless discussions on those with logos attached and other elements of colour. White shoes, which may be suitable for PE, are not suitable as part of the school uniform. A skirt should be of a suitable length that does not require constant tugging to get it to cover the requisite parts. Trousers should be whole, rather than contain designer holes or tears, which are not suitable for a working environment.

A school PE kit is also available and I would encourage you to buy the top with the school badge on it.

I thank you in advance for your co-operation in ensuring that pupils adhere to the school’s uniform expectations and I trust that this period of notice will allow you to make the necessary arrangements so that we can start the new session in August in style.

Yours sincerely

J M Simpson