In Memoriam

Leith Academy's former War memorial plaque

In 2010, S2 pupil Glynn Mullen researched the backgrounds of those pupils from Leith Academy who lost their lives in the Second World War and realised his ambition to replace our old Board of Remembrance (left) with a new one that honours them by name. Read a feature on Glynn's research in the Edinburgh Evening News

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission made the following video of Glynn's work;

The former pupils Glynn managed to identify for inclusion on the new memorial are listed below; 

Kenneth Anderson George Fisher Ernest Lyall John Preston
Peter Anderson John Fisher Finlay Mackay John Purves
Hugh Baird Harry Graham George Mackenzie George Robertson
Ronald Barker Andrew Grellis Samuel Mackrell William Rodgers
William Begg Thomas Haggart John McIntyre Frank Scheffler
John Brown Leslie J Harcus Aleander McLauchlan Henry Schiedeker
John P Brown John Hayne Charles McLeod James Scott
Ronald Brownie George Henderson William Milne William Simmons
William Cairns James Horsburgh Archibald Moffat John Sinclair
Peter Campbell John Hunter James Moffat Alex Smith
James Clark John Insch Lewis Muir George Stark
Joseph Clarkson Charles Jack George Murchison Thomas Stevenson
William Corrigan Fredrick Jamieson Fergus Neil Harold Swanston
William Crawford John Jewitt Thomas Ogston Thomas Walker
Thomas Dodds Ian/John Johnston Alexander Park John Watson
John Duff David Kay John Parrot John Williamson
Dennis Duward John Laing James Patten Robert Wilson
Peter Fairbairn George Logie Peter Peters Thomas Yellowlees
William Farthing David Lyall Thomas Porter

The new Memorial
Leith Academy's new memorial

The information Glynn managed to collect on the individual pupils is given below;

Kenneth Anderson

5 Largo Place
Left Leith Academy: 1937
died: 08/04/1941

Kenneth Anderson died after a German plane had dropped land mines in Largo place. Kenneth was a telegraph operator. Kenneth died on his way to Leith Hospital (he died from his injuries.)
Kenneth's war grave commission memorial link.;

The following is an extract from the Edinburgh news.
The bombs they released in our area were two land mines, suspended from Parachutes, which silently fell from the sky, giving no warning until they reached Ground level and exploded. One bomb fell near Largo place/ Keddie Gardens park, destroying the corner of a Tenement and killing at least two people, at the same time badly damaging the Town Hall in Ferry Road (now Leith Library). Running Parallel with Ballantyne and Largo place is the Water of Leith and the then railway embankment. The second bomb fell in the deep embankment, thus forcing the blast in an upwards direction, had it fallen on more level ground, Ballantyne and other areas would have been levelled to the ground.

Peter Anderson

16 Hawthorne Bank Terrace
Left Leith Academy: 1931
died: 29/11/1950

Hugh Baird

9 Bangor Road
Left Leith Academy: 1926
died: 24/11/1940

Hugh Thompson Baird was a driver. Hugh is buried in Seafield Cemetery. Hugh's war grave commission.

Ronald Barker

Hope Lane
Left Leith Academy: 1936
died: 22/05/1944

William Begg

33 Balfour Street
Left Leith Academy: 1933
died: 05/04/1942

William Begg was a Sub-Lieutenant and was sunk on his ship HMS Tendos off Colombo Sri-Lanka. see the following information about the history of the HMS Tendos. William's war graves commission memoriial link.

HMS Tenedos H.04 was a Simoon 'S' Class Destroyer, built by Hawthorn Leslie (Tyne) and completed in 1919. Laid down 6th December 1917, Launched 21st October 1918 Commissioned 11th June 1919.
Part of Task Force Z November/December 1941.
4th February 1942: HMAS Hobart and HMS Tenedos take survivors from SS Norah Moller damaged beyond repair by Japanese bombing in Banka Strait.
5th April 1942: Sunk off Colombo by Japanese aircraft:
Operation C – The Raids in the Indian Ocean:
BatDiv 3 supports the Striking Force's attack on Colombo, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). At 0800, 315 of the "Kido Butai's" aircraft led by Cdr (later Captain) Fuchida Mitsuo (of Pearl Harbor) attack the British naval base. They wreck the base's facilities, destroy 27 aircraft and sink the destroyer HMS TENEDOS and the armed merchant cruiser HMS HECTOR. Five hundred sailors are killed. A floatplane from the cruiser TONE finds Admiral Sir James Somerville's British Eastern Fleet's cruisers HMS CORNWALL and HMS DORSETSHIRE at sea - without air cover. Between 1338-1400, 88 aircraft from the AKAGI, HIRYU and the SORYU sink both ships. After the attack, BatDiv 3 and the Striking Force withdraw to the SE and search unsuccessfully for the rest of Somerville's fleet
Tenedos was also part of the Western Striking Force, this consisted of three cruisers, HMAS Hobart (Australian), HMS Dragon and HMS Danae (British light cruisers) and destroyers HMS Scout and HMS Tenedos.
Their main duty was to patrol the Sunda Strait and to the west of it. This strait was the main escape route for shipping to the West and Japanese submarines were operating in the area. USS Houston was also operating in this area too but was not part of the Western Striking Force.
Padang, Sumatra Island, is a small port is situated about two miles up a river. HMS Tenedos and HMS Scout evacuated around 1800 people (mainly civilian, but also some military personnel) to the Cruisers, with Tenedos making 2 trips, and Scout making 1 trip, each ship carrying around 600 evacuees per trip. The operation was carried out without incident or any Japanese air attacks.

John Brown

3 Hawthorn Bank Place
Left Leith Academy: 1939
died: 01/09/1994

John P Brown

50 Boswall Avenue
Left Leith Academy: 1939
died: 11/09/1939

Ronald Brownie

64 Restalrig Road
Left Leith Academy: 1933
died: 15/05/1941

Ronald Calder Brownie was a Sub-Lieutenant and died at the HMS Vulture Royal Navy Air Station. We have very little information on the station and how Ronald lost his life. Below is a short extract about HMS Vulture. Ronald's war graves commission memorial link:
H.M.S. Vulture, RNAS. St. Merryn, Cornwall, on the 10th June 1944, the first of many Royal Navy Air Stations he was to be stationed at. The Air Station still survives today, but is in a run down and derelict condition in the main, although part of it is used by a Parachute Club. The disused Control Tower, Hangar's, Accomodation Blocks and Cinema are still standing and the CO.'s Quarter's is now a Farmhouse. Most of the site is owned by Treginnger Farm.

William Cairns

address unknown
Left Leith Academy: 1933
died: 12/01/1942

Sergeant William Fordyce died during a training night flight in 1942. Below is an extract from a historian who has researched the crash. William is buried in the Cardonald cemetery in Glasgow.

Mission: Training - night flying
Date: 12th January 1945
Unit: No. 5. L.F.S. (Lancaster Finishing School)
Type: Lancaster III
Serial: JB125
Code: -
Base: Syerston, Nottinghamshire
Location: Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire
Pilot: P/O. Guy Rerenui Dunlop 425241 R.N.Z.A.F. Age 28. Killed
Fl/Eng: Sgt. Patrick Joseph Vincent Browne 1897240 R.A.F.V.R. Age 20. Killed
Nav: Fl/Sgt. Peter John Hill 425790 R.N.Z.A.F. Age 22. Killed
Air/Bmr: Sgt. Albert John Evans B.E.M. 1422223 R.A.F.V.R. Age 26. Killed
W/Op/Air/Gnr: Fl/Sgt. Richard Ludgvan Staples 4212868 R.N.Z.A.F. Age 23. Killed
Air/Gnr: Sgt. Richard Henry Sedgley 1852400 R.A.F.V.R. Age 19. Killed
Air/Gnr: Sgt. William Fordyce Cairns 1822619 R.A.F.V.R. Age 19. Killed
Took off at 18.45 hrs for training night flight. On return encountered failing visibility as the cloud base being down to 5-600 ft with a persistent drizzle. Flew beyond the airfield and while banking flew into the ground at 21.50 hrs half a mile north of the Tree Hotel at Hoveringham.
Fl/Sgt. Peter Hill's brother, P/O. Howard Perry Hill, was a Battle of Britain pilot who also lost his life - killed during September 1940.

Peter Campbell

25 Halmyre Street
Left Leith Academy: 1926
died: 26/07/1942

Sergeant Peter Hay Campbell. Peter's war graves commission memorial link.

James Clark

55 Balfour Street
Left Leith Academy: 1932
died: 23/12/1943

James Clark was a Dux of the school in 1932. He died two days before Christmas 1943 while serving for the REME. We have sevral photographs of James and will place these on this site at a later date. James' national war graves commission memorial link.
James' exam results were excellent and he gained English higher, Maths higher, French higher, German lower grade, Science lower grade.

Joseph Clarkson

31 Ryehill Avenue
Left Leith Academy: 1925
died: 26/05/1944

Guardsman Joseph Edward Clarkson. Joseph died in Italy and his memorial is 78km north of Naples, Italy in the town of Minturno. Joseph's war graves commision link.

William Corrigan

39 Bangor Road
Left Leith Academy: 1936
died: 16/07/1944

William served with the 8th Bn Royal Scots and lost his life during operation overlord in France on the 16th July 1944 William is remembered with honour at the Bayeux War Cemetery. William's Commonwealth War Grave memorial.
The 8th Battalion remained in the UK as part of 15th (Scottish) Division until June 1944, when it landed in Normandy as part of Operation Overlord. It fought in north-west Europe until the end of the war; it entered Belgium in September, crossed the Rhine in March 1945 and advanced to Hamburg by the end of the war.

William Crawford

59 Prince Regent Street
Left Leith Academy: 1935
died: 19/04/1944

William Crawford Served with The 160 Sqdn RAF at Colombo Sri Lanka.  William died after a flying accident.  This accident is recorded below in an extract from the Squadron Flight Diary. William's Commonwealth War Graves
19th April 1944 0141 "B" BZ864 S/L Percival, F/O Winfield, F/O Crawford, F/Sgt. Thomson, F/Sgt.Beauchamp, F/Sgt. Brissenben??, Sgt. Colborne, Sgt. Harris and Sgt. Holbrooke, take off on a dark starry night to take part in an operational diversion sortie. Shortly after take-off the aircraft lost height and swinging to port the Propeller {hard to read -- hand written over top of the words "wing tip"} struck the A/A Gun site near the end of the runway and the aircraft crashed into low trees about 100 yards away. The Crash Tender and ambulance driving through the perimeter fence and low scrub reached the scene about two minutes later, followed by the C.O., F/L Connor and F/O Boyle and two orderlies. While the fire tender party attempted to approach the Aircraft with the extinguisher the other officers and airmen succeeded in rescuing the living members of the crew. Sgt. Colborne and Sgt. Harris who had been in the rear portion of the plane extricated themselves almost unhurt, but dazed. F/O Crawford, F/Sgt. Beauchamp, Sgt. Holbrook and F/Sgt. Thomson were rescued alive but unconscious, since the Aircraft was not burning fiercely. After this however it became impossible to continue near the Aircraft owing to the heat, and the dead bodies of S/L Percival, F/O Winfield and F/Sgt. Brissemden?? Had to be recovered and identified later. 19th 0141 "B" BZ864 S/L Percival, F/O Winfield, F/O Crawford, F/Sgt. Thomson, F/Sgt.
Second Entry
F/Sgt. Beauchamp and F/O Crawford died in transit to S.S.Q. and Sgt. Holbrook two hours after admission.
Third Entry
The Station Accidents Committee under the C.O. hold an extraordinary meeting to consider conditions here with relation to the accident to BZ864. It is decided to remove the gun site which was struck by the wing and also to place two "Totem Poles" beyond the end of the runway and some yards wider than the flare path to guide the pilots on take-off so that drift does not take them away from the cleared jungle at the end of the strip into the taller trees. Steps are being taken to fell all tall trees within 100 yards of the strip.

Thomas Dodds

12 Waverly Place
Left Leith Academy: 1936
died: 14/12/1939
534038, Corporal Thomas. D. Dodds. Air-Gunner on board 99sqdn Wellington N2986, on a reconnaisance operation, shot down into the sea by gunfire from enemy shipping. All crew members lost, they were...
Sgt  R.H.J. Brace.
Sgt  C.D. Caldwell.
Sgt  R. Allon.
AC2  H. Houldsworth.
Cpl  E. Corry.      
Cpl  T.D. Dodds.

John Duff

264 Marionville Road
Left Leith Academy: 1935
died: 01/10/1942

Dennis Duward

45 Albion Road
Left Leith Academy: 1935
died: 13/10/1943

Peter Fairbairn

Left Leith Academy: 1938
died: 22/11/1945

William Farthing

197 Ferry Road
Left Leith Academy: 1936
died: 13/10/1942

William Farthing was a second officer on the SS Ashworth(Newcastle on Tyne) Merchant Navy.  William Died on the 13 October 1942, the Ashworth was hit by a torpedo fired by u-boat u-221.  Below is a link with additional information on the sinking of the Ashworth.
William is remembered with Honour at Tower Hill Memorial
U-Boat Finder
Williams Commonwealth War Graves

George Fisher

4 James Place
Left Leith Academy: 1937
died: 06/07/1944

John Fisher

1 Johns Place
Left Leith Academy: 1939
died: 19/02/1943
info: Dux1939

Harry Graham

23 Claremont Road
Left Leith Academy: 1937
died: 05/05/1943
1344743, Sgt  H.G. Graham, on board 196sqdn Wellington, HE162, on ops to Dortmund, thought to have crashed near Gelsenkirchen, with the loss of all crew.
Sgt  J. Staniforth.
Sgt  H.G. Graham.
Sgt  R.W. Lynn.
Sgt  G.W.C. James.
Sgt  B.E. Taylor.

Andrew Grellis

22 Windsor Place Portobello
Left Leith Academy: 1938
died: 24/03/1943

This was is information passed to the school from Andrews family
Andrew Grellis 1919 - 1943
Andrew was born on 20th August 1919, the adored youngest of five children to Andrew and Daisy Amelia Grellis. His father was a retired Army officer working as a museum attendant and his mother ran a tea shop in Portobello, where they lived. When my mother met my father, Andrews brother Lawrence (who was working in London as a chemist at the start of the war), she remembers visiting Edinburgh to meet her ‘to be’ in-laws. She stopped to ask the way from a local policeman, who gave her precise directions to the house. It wasn’t until later she realised that the policeman who gave her directions was none other than the brother of her intended, much to the amusement of the brother. That brother was Andrew, who was always teasing and playing jokes on the family.
Andrews other older brother, Horace, had already joined the RAF Volunteer Reserve and it wasn’t long before Andrew got in on the game, probably yearning for adventure and excitement away from home, just like any young man in his late teens. It was probably some relief that he was sent off to Canada away from the bombing in Europe. But in less than three years since joining he was become a casualty of war.
The family was distraught at loosing the baby of the family but it didn’t end there. In 1944 his sister’s husband died in Edinburgh of a severe chest infection. Later the oldest brother, Horace took a serious hit in the plane he was flying; causing such severe injuries that he lived in pain for a couple of years and died in 1950. My father, also in the Reserve, was shot down over Germany twice, but somehow managed to survive and escape back to the UK, partly because of his command of the French and German languages. He later went back to help others escape. He suffered what is now known as post traumatic stress and refused to talk about his family for many years except to say how close he was to Andrew and Horace and what a terrible thing it was that they were killed. He kept their photos on display in the house always.
All of this also took a terrible toll on the parents, the worse of all was not being able to visit Andrews’s grave in Canada. Long distance travel was difficult and expensive. Their inscription on Andrews’s headstone sums up their heartache. ‘Too far away your grave to see; But not too far to think of thee. Mum and Dad’
Daisy never recovered from her losses and died in 1956 in Portobello. Andrew senior moved down to London to live with his eldest daughter and her family, selling the Portobello house to a Mr Shaw, whose daughter still lives there. But he never settled, always thinking of Daisy ‘up there all alone’ and the memories he had left behind. He died 3 yrs later in 1959, 3 months after I was born, and requested to be brought back to Portobello to be buried alongside his wife.
It is for them that I am here today. I know that if my father and his parents were still alive they would be so proud of Glen and the school for all that they have done to keep Andrew’s and his classmate’s memories alive. So thank you Glen for all the hard work that you have put into this project. It means a lot to all who have lost family and friends in wars to know that the young people of today care enough about their history to find out about the faces behind the names and are able to learn from the terrible events that have shaped the world we live in today.

Thomas Haggart

30 Summerfield Place
Left Leith Academy: 1925
died: 20/02/1943

Leslie J Harcus

9 Clairbank Crescent
Left Leith Academy: 1932
died: 03/06/1942
info: 111259 P/O  L.J. Harcus, on board 7sqdn Short Stirling W7500, on ops to Essen, shot down into the sea off the coast of Holland by a nightfighter. Only one body recovered, that of Sgt  R.A. Archer.

P/O  G.F. Sanderson
P/O  L.J. Harcus
Sgt  S.W. Precious
Sgt R.A. Archer
Sgt  W.F. Morgan
Sgt  R. Armstrong
Sgt  B.S. Brown
Flt/Sgt  S.V Harding

John Hayne

3 Bernard Street
Left Leith Academy: 1934
died: 05/02/1942

George Henderson

9 Prospect Bank Terrace
Left Leith Academy: 1937
died: 07/08/1944

James Horsburgh

179 Restalrig Road
Left Leith Academy: 1937
died: 04/08/1943
553948   Flt/Sgt  J. Horsburgh, 423sqdn, Coastal Command. All  we know of this airman is that he was on board Short Sunderland flying boat DD859 which was lost during an attack on U-Boat, U489, the aircraft was hit during the attack, in which it successfully sunk the U Boat, but damaged inflicted caused it to crash into the sea, killing 5 of the crew on board. An account is given on

John Hunter

6 Claremont Gardens
Left Leith Academy: 1932
died: 20/09/1944

John Insch

6 Claremont Gardens
Left Leith Academy: 1937
died: 04/06/1942
info: 100055, P/O  J.D. Insch, on board 218sqdn Short Stirling, W7474, on ops to Bremen, shot down by a nightfighter, and crashed at Het Kuitje, Holland. all but one of the crew were killed.
P/O  J.R. Webber
P/O  J. Carscadden
Sgt  L.J. Smith
P/O  J.D. Insch
Flt/Sgt  H.C. Broadbent, DFM
Flt/Sgt  L.L.J. Farley, RCAF
Sgt  N.C.F. Sibley
Sgt  K.R. Cox. (prisoner of war)

Charles Jack

33 Commercial Street
Left Leith Academy: 1935
died: 24/04/1944

Fredrick Jamieson

14 Coburg Street
Left Leith Academy: 1931
died: 26/05/1940
info: 37855, Flying Officer  F.R. Jamieson, on board 22sqdn Beaufort, L4450, lost without trace on a sea mining operation off Heligoland.
Wing Commander  H. Mellor
F/O  F.R. Jamieson
P/O  H.J. Cook
LAC  A.D. Mackenzie

John Jewitt

406 Easter Road
Left Leith Academy: 1934
died: 13/02/1942

Ian/John Johnston

67 Henderson Street
Left Leith Academy: 1939
died: 13/01/1944

David Kay

3 St Clair Road
Left Leith Academy: 1932
died: 20/11/1944

John Laing

12 Ryehill Terrace
Left Leith Academy: 1927
died: 24/05/1941

George Logie

49 Balfour Street
Left Leith Academy: 1935
died: 22/04/1945

David Lyall

address unknown
Left Leith Academy: 1930
died: 12/08/1942

Ernest Lyall

2 Sloan Street
Left Leith Academy: 1932
died: 26/01/1942

Finlay Mackay

9 Oakville Terrace
Left Leith Academy: 1924
died: 10/11/1942

George Mackenzie

address unknown
Left Leith Academy: 1937
died: 11/01/1942

Samuel Mackrell

5 Iona Street
Left Leith Academy: 1939
died: 12/06/1944

John McIntyre

2 Sloan Street
Left Leith Academy: 1933
died: 21/06/1944

Aleander McLauchlan

9 Wardieburn Street East
Left Leith Academy: 1933
died: 30/06/1944

Charles McLeod

19 Assembly Street
Left Leith Academy: 1927
died: 12/01/1947

William Milne

67 McDonald Road
Left Leith Academy: 1935
died: 12/09/1944

Archibald Moffat

address unknown
Left Leith Academy: 1930
died: 22/01/1943

James Moffat

23 Balfour Street
Left Leith Academy: 1934
died: 21/02/1944

On the evening of 20th February 1944 the subject aircraft of 156 Squadron took off from Warboys to attack Stuttgart crewed by seven brave airmen. They never returned.
F/L D K MacKay DFC RCAF PoW; Sgt. J C L Reed, KIA; P/O R Halperin DFC, KIA; Sgt. G P Roche, KIA;
F/L B O Petrides DFM, KIA; S/Ldr A Muir, DFC, KIA and F/O J Moffat DFC, KIA.
We will remember them

Lewis Muir

20 Thornville Terrace
Left Leith Academy: 1939
died: 22/06/1944

George Murchison

20 Henderson Street
Left Leith Academy: 1933
died: 23/06/1940
967455, Sgt  G.R. Murchison, on board 107sqdn Blenheim, R3688, lost on ops to Soest, aircraft crashed at Willemsoord, Holland.
P/O  S.G. Eason.
P/O  J.J. Tozer.
Sgt  G.R. Murchison.

Fergus Neil

7 Ryehill Grove
Left Leith Academy: 1938
died: 04/12/1943

Thomas Ogston

11 Consitution street
Left Leith Academy: 1938
died: 02/02/1943

Alexander Park

68 Restalrig Gardens
Left Leith Academy: 1940
died: 29/08/1944

John Parrot

10 Lorne Street
Left Leith Academy: 1936
died: 28/07/1942

James Patten

33 Ryehill Avenue
Left Leith Academy: 1937
died: 03/09/1940

Peter Peters

2 Springfield Street
Left Leith Academy: 1926
died: 20/01/1944

Brandon French (S1) and Robbie Huxtable Visited Peter's Sister Olive Peters who still lives locally. She describes a little about Peter's life. Peter's Commonwealth War Graves Memorial;
Peter served initially with the Royal Scots but was deemed not fit for service due to an injury to his trigger finger he had since childhood. Olive describes this as Whitlow finger. Whilst convalescing in hospital Peter witness the horrific injuries that soldiers where returning home with and felt he needed to do more. Peter requested a transfer and was later sent to Italy. When in Italy Peter transferred from the Royal Scots to the Argyll and Southern Highlanders. The main fighting in Italy had ceased by the date of Peters death but their where still some pockets of resistance from snipers. Officers asked for volunteers to retrieve the body of a fallen soldier who had been killed by sniper fire hours before. Peter volunteered without hesitation and set out to recover the body of the 18 year old soldier. Peter was never to return. Miss Peters described that at the cemetery in Orvieto Peter is laid next to the 18 year old soldier who he tried to recover.
Olive described Peter as a popular boy who was “handsome but not conceited” and “witty without being cruel. While at school Peter excelled at Maths and disliked Latin saying he didn’t like his Latin teacher. Olive says that hadn’t Peter joined the forces he would have made a good script writer for comedy.

Obituary notices:
Remembering with pride and affection, my devoted fiancé Peter. (8thJune 1944) Killed in action Italy June 6th 1944 Annie Hallewell
Peters Mr and Mrs Thoms Peters 23 Prospect Bank Crescent Edinburgh that their beloved younger son Peter was killed in action in Italy June 1944. He is fondly remembered. His parents wish to thank all friends for kind letters, cards and sympathy received.

Thomas Porter

14 Claremont Gardens
Left Leith Academy: 1930
died: 01/11/1941

John Preston

17 Tolbooth Wynd
Left Leith Academy: 1929
died: 15/02/1944

John Purves

40 North Junction Street
Left Leith Academy: 1936
died: 15/02/1942

George Robertson

48 Baltic Street
Left Leith Academy: 1932
died: 24/02/1941

William Rodgers

2 Hermitage Place
Left Leith Academy: 1936
died: 26/05/1947

Frank Scheffler

58 North Junction Street
Left Leith Academy: 1931
died: 13/09/1943

Henry Schiedeker

14 Duke Street
Left Leith Academy: 1927
died: 14/09/1943

James Scott

96 Henderson Street
Left Leith Academy: 1933
died: 03/12/1943

William Simmons

128 Hermitage Terrace
Left Leith Academy: 1936
died: 29/10/1942

John Sinclair

9 Easter Road
Left Leith Academy: 1934
died: 15/03/1942

Alex Smith

Left Leith Academy: 1938
died: 23/05/1944

George Stark

314 Tennant Street
Left Leith Academy: 1929
died: 01/10/1942
info: 1365782, Sgt  G. Stark, on board 15sqdn Short Stirling, W7634, on ops to Lubeck, Lost in the sea off Peenemunde, only one body recovered from the sea, that of Sgt Stark.
F/O  J.L Meredith, RNZAF
Sgt  J. Buchanan
P/O  J.H. Vincent
Sgt  R. Booth.
Sgt  H.E. Webber
Sgt  A.H. Hansford. RCAF
Sgt  G. Stark

Thomas Stevenson

48 Ferrier Street
Left Leith Academy: 1930
died: 29/03/1945

Harold Swanston

5 Clarebank Cres
Left Leith Academy: 1927
died: 04/05/1944
info: 70659, Sqdn/Ldr  H. Swanston, pilot of Lancaster ND905, on ops to Mailly-le-Camp, believed lost after attack by nightfighter and crashed at Villers-le-Chateau, with the loss of all on board.
Sqdn/Ldr H. Swanston
Sgt D.A. Hadden
F/O E.J. Dane
WO R.H. Boyd. RAAF
WO J.C. Smith
Sgt G.F. Casey
Sgt J.R. Rankin. RCAF

Thomas Walker

address unknown
Left Leith Academy: 1923
died: 23/11/1942

John Watson

77 Boswall Drive
Left Leith Academy: 1934
died: 09/06/1942

John Williamson

39 Restalrig Road
Left Leith Academy: 1935
died: 29/08/1941

Robert Wilson

12 Ryehill Avenue
Left Leith Academy: 1929
died: 22/02/1943

Thomas Yellowlees

79 Sleigh Drive
Left Leith Academy: 1938
died: 24/05/1943

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