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John Ure (now Year Grade)
attended: 1980s
email: Uregroup @
Hi There, Hopefully you guys can help if your records go back over 30 Years. At a recent discussion with old school friends, we were reminiscing off what years we were in I can remember being in 1H then sadly due to lack of focus dropped into 2M, but after that I can not remember after that. It would be great if you could let me know and if you had copies of my old report cards that would be brilliant (Even at a cost, no problem) Cheers John Ure
Heather Inglis (now Tiernan)
attended: 1960s-70s
email: corndoll @
Hi I attended both primary and secordary schools in mid sixties - primary and secondary school from 70's. I think I left in '76. Lived in London for a while before escaping Thatcher's Britain for Australia where I still live. Was friends with Fiona Cairns, Wightman twins, Lesley Eckford and Linda Miller, Lesley Moffat and Alison Jaimison. Was in art class aa lot.
Dot Purves (now Paterson)
attended: 1960s
email: deggle22 @
I was in 1b1 and 2b1 any former classmates on here?
Maureen Rhead
attended: 1950s-60s
email: maureenrhead @
I am looking to see if anyone knows where Lorna Stark is now. We were good friends at school and went on into our 20s. I got married (big mistake) Lorna went off to Canada and I lost track after a while. Would love to get in touch again. I mind a fair few of the teachers mentioned in previous posts. Oh what memories.
Jane Foggo (now Pearson)
attended: 1950s-60s
email: janepearson44 @
Hi all I attended Leithie around 1955 to 1959 and started in 1a1. I remember Norma Lumsden, Jean Stewart (also in my primary Craigentinny)Eileen Williamson and many others. I remember Prof. Hay for Latin Miss Ure for French. Miss Merrilee's ( Merrylegs) for PE. I also remember Mr Childs from Chicago who was there for a year or so. Bulldog Drummond was the Rector and Miss Moffat was deputy Rector and advisor. I had happy days there and loved school but left to get an office job as a junior and moved house and list touch with everyone. I used to walk up the road to Restalrig Road with my friend Morag who lived in a big house before St. Anthony's school. I am an old lady now of 74 also a widow and look back with fond memories of my time at Leithie. My younger brother Richard Foggo attended as well as was in first year when I was in third year. If anyone remembers me give me a shout. Cheers Jane x
billy Lothian
attended: 1950s-60s
email: billlothian1008 @
Hi A few of us from Miss Aitken's primary class (left PS 1964) are planning a get together. Been in touch with Anne Robertson, Irene McDougall to name a couple. If you read this and fancy getting in touch I'm on
Ian Campbell
attended: 1940s-50s
email: doxfordsix @
As a footnote to my previous post, Mr Milne was a very interesting man. He served with the British Military Mission in Moscow as an interpreter, being fluent in Russian. He started Russian in Scottish schools. Mr Lovell, of the Art department, was an accomplished stained glass artist who also redesigned the school badge by adding the sun of enlightenment and the books of knowledge. This to satisfy Lyon King of Arms Who threatened to prosecute the school! He prosecuted the Matron Of Western General Hosp For unlawful use of Edinburghs crest on nurses badges,she was fined!
Ian Campbell
attended: 1940s-50s
email: doxfordsix @
An old timer! Primary 1943 to 1950. A2 stream 1950 1954. Fourth year in 4A(Mr Allen. Had some great teachers inc Bill (later Dr) Gatherer who instilled a love of Scottish poetry in me. I can still recite screeds 65 yrs on.Interesting career from shipyard apprentice via MN engineer officer to ultimately a senior engineering manager with Rover Cars. Now 80 and living in WWitshire since 62. Any survivors around?

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